13 going on 30 PURSE

  1. Hello everyone:
    Does anyone know the brand/name of the purse Jenna Rink (jennifer garner) carries mainly throughout the movie "13 going on 30"? I :heart: IT!
  2. Was it the one with a flower? I think that was a Prada. I remember seeing a prop company sell the actual bag from the movie and I think they said it was a Prada.
  3. I think it is a Fendi.
  4. The first one that is silver in color (when she turns 30) is definitely a Fendi baguette, I have the same one. However, the pink one (when she goes to the party)-I have no clue and have been wondering that myself.
    Later on in the movie there is a Hermes Kelly and several Chanels.
    I loved that movie, can you tell?
  5. Lol I loved it too!
    In the scene where Jenna is walking down the street with Matt and they stop off at the swing set, she has an LV Lexington in baby blue I think.
  6. ^ Isn't It The Best Movie??? So Adorable!!!

    I Always Thought The Lexington Was Silver & Someone Else Said Lavender. lvbabydoll, It Just Might Be Light Blue!!! :smile:

    What Is That Fucshia Bag??? It Is Prada? ..........We Should Ask Jill "PradaMommy"
  7. I emailed the prop company about the bag and should have a response tomorrow :smile:
  8. What is the canvas purse she has when she's at the park meeting Matt? It's yellow and canvas.... thanks for your help!
  9. I figured it out... must be Hermes Garden Tote?
  10. In the movie 13 going on 30 does anybody know what brand is the purse that "Wendy" (lynn Collins' role of playing Matt's girlfriend) is using in the scene where she surprises Matt at his apartment as he's making dinner arrangements with Jenna. Wendy asks him to go to lunch and as they are walking out of his apartment, she is carrying a green (what looks like canvas possibly) shoulder bag that appears to have leather rope handles with a threaded through almost military- looking strap that hangs over her shoulder. The purse is sort of triangular but doesn't have that typical triangle backpack look to it. I don't think its a backpack. Does anybody know what brand that might be or where something like that can be found? Thanks for any input.
  11. Could someone please tell me what the bag is that jenna is carrying when she's dressed in all black? It's the scene where she doesn't know Alex's name. Thanks!