13-DAY repair and looking brand spanking new!

  1. if you guys recall, i had an ostrich-eye-peeling-off drama a couple of weeks ago. well, i got a call from my SA today and she said "your bag is here!"....and i'm like, what bag? did DH surprised a bag for me to pick up (he did that one time in the past)? is my Blue Brighton here? did i special order a new bag? it just made my slow wednesday a very exciting one all of a sudden! :yahoo:

    then she tells me, "silly, you forgot? it's your fuschia ostrich HAC we sent out for repair"....oh, that bag! i didn't expect it to be back soon! anyways, BH did a good job (it didn't have to be sent to paris) and when i was at the store, I met US Hermes Vice-President Tony (can't pronounce the last name nor can i spell it) who's in from NY just for a day. really nice guy!

    oh well, i met the VP and i got a "new" bag and i got me a new mini-ulysses in gold. what else can i ask for?
  2. Fabulous! Glad your bag is as good as new!
  3. yay !! glad that you bag came back so fast !! enjoy your "new" bag and new purchase !!
  4. Sounds like a great day at Hermes PazT! :yahoo: So glad the peeling eye got fixed and in such great time, and how cool that you met the US VP while at the store!
  5. Sounds like a wonderful H day ! Do you have photos of the beautiful HAC ?
  6. How nice to get your fabulous fuschia Ostrich HAC back so swiftly!! I bet that it looks incredible. I have always been quite pleased with Hermes repair and refurbishing and find it to be another wonderful part of the company.
  7. i don't have a photo of the BEFORE (it was awful...) but i'll take a photo later.....
  8. Ahhh, I'm so glad your Ostrich HAC looks as good as new pazt!
  9. that is awesome pazt!!! glad u got it back before the holidays!!
  10. Pazt, that's great! Wow, that is FAST!!! I remember the "eye" peeling off, can't believe your bag is back so soon, all fixed up and looking like brand new!:yahoo: Sounds like you had a marvelous day all up, getting your bag back, meeting the VP and getting that mini Ulysses!
  11. PATZ, you know I need pics right!! :graucho:
  12. am working on it, girls.....but like i said, i do not have a pic of the peeling "eye". it was really a sad day for me. but the past is past, and i'm happy now!

    i'm still a little worried because the location of the peeling "eye" is really highly to repeat the awful occurrence. you'll see why..........:sad:
  13. Hi Pazt, I'm also dying to see if the repair really returned the Ostrich to all its original glory...I've been aiming for an ostrich birkin so I'm always on the lookout for potential "dangers" of the leather. Did you keep yours un-used for a long time? My SA told me the eye dropping off could be due to non-use and dryness of the leather, she said if you use it often this shouldn't happen...(???) Hmmm...and please post your newly restored baby for us to see!
  14. Oh no! I'm so sorry, hey! why not rid of it and get a new one then. Better happy then sorrow.
  15. here's a pic before all the "peeling" occurred and a close-up of the culprit ostich "bulb". it certainly is on a location where there's constant movement and rubbing. i'll be surprised if it does not peel off at all in the near future :sad: . and i'm not telling DH that.

    what are your thoughts guys - after seeing the picture, do you think it will highly likely to peel off again?? :confused1: :sad:
    IMG_1135.jpg IMG_1796.jpg