12C Navy Blue and 12C Lavender Blue...too similar?


May 15, 2010
Hi everyone and happy holidays!

I bought the 12C lavender blue m/l recently but saw the 12C navy blue in the boutique yesterday and the SA informed me that she would be receiving it in the m/l size.

My question is do you think these two colors are too similar to justify purchasing the navy blue? I really like the lavender blue but I also like that the navy blue is a brighter shade of blue relative to Chanel's previous navy blues. My fear is that these colors may look so similar to the point where I could easily interchange one for the other.

Any advice?

Thanks so much!


Góðan Daginn
Jun 9, 2011
Can you afford to buy both? If so I would get the Navy. It's timeless, chic, you can wear it with a lot. I'm a BIG fan of navy. I have the lavender bag in m/l myself and I LOVE it. It's a great color, you don't see it that often and you will enjoy wearing it next spring/summer. Oh, so no I don't think they are similar! Because I think the lavender is a great summer bag, or for special occasions, and the navy one is like an everyday color.


May 18, 2007
I bought a lavender blue M/L and navy blue jumbo. I think the lavender blue looks better in smaller size bags. I will get both but personally I like the navy blue better.