12A red reissue in 227 ?

  1. Hi dears,

    I saw someone post 12A red reissue in 226. Is there a one in 227? I am looking for it! Can I have the code number?

  2. Hi opilover,
    My 227 in 12A red has this code A37590Y0415081665 :smile:
  3. Thanks dear!!
  4. Red reissue 12a? Is it the same color as the classic flaps?

    I didn't see it at stores, only darker red from previous seasons.

    Is it with GHW? :love:
  5. Hi Love4H,
    The 12A red reissue is not as vibrant and eye-catching as the 12A classic flap.
    Sad to say that it's with RHW not GHW.....GHW will be gorgeous :graucho:
    This is mine :
  6. Thank you!

    Now I remember, I've seen that bag already.
    But I reaaaaaaaally want red reissue with ghw. Or dark burgundy like the classic lap now.

    I've missed on that shiny cherrish red reissue with ghw that was offered couple years ago. Oh I wish I bought it back then!

    Hope Chanel will have it soon again ;)