12A red - please post pictures of what the red is like IRL

  1. Hi my tPF (truePurseFriends)

    I would like to buy 2 different pieces of the 12A red I am having a difficult time deciding because I have seen about 4 different versions!

    Is the 12A red the same for all pieces? I saw a reissue and it's share looks different from that of the classic flap. I also saw a WOC. I am looking forward to seeing more reds like on the mini and the clutch.

    Those of you who have a 12A red, could you please post a picture of your beauty which has the closest color IRL?

    Thank you, thank you, your help will contribute to my new addiction! :smile:
  2. There are several threads you can visit (not the Chanel Shopping, but just Chanel on this forum). I have two threads, one of my 12A classic flap red and another thread showing more pics. Pursebop has another thread as well as Swou who just got a 12A reissue. I know there are other as well, you can just go through the reveals and have a look.
  3. Thanks! How do I close this thread?