12a red or burgundy??

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    Hi gorgeous!!

    I guess lots of girls here are hesitating to choose 12a red or burgundy m/l classic flap at the moment~So am I^^* if somebody can compare the color with pics . it woud be wonderful!! and any comments are more than welcomed!!

  2. I wouldn't even compare, 12A red is stunning!
  3. The burgundy is gorgeous, unique, comes with GHW and not too common. The color IRL is a lot better than pictures. Everybody has the red posting everyday, just boring and Chanel makes red color every season, why don't you get something unique? I ordered the red mini but am thinking to sell and will buy the burgundy mini instead.
  4. I'm actually contemplating the burgundy too (haven't seen it IRL tho). I think it would go better with my clothes. The red is gorgeous. It will definitely get more attention
  5. 12A Red. It's gorgeous!!! :yahoo: Ture red!!! Hot bag. love it.
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    Is anyone carrying the burgundy in lambskin GHW...has anyone seen it in lambskin? My guess is the color must be so rich in lambskin :smile:
  7. I'm trying to get my friend to get e burgundy woc in quilted caviar w shw. Hope there's stock. Understand from SA that it doesn't come w ghw?
  8. I'm in the same quandry as you! I am on the waitlist for both the red and burgundy minis but I'm leaning heavily towards burgundy just because I've seen the burg IRL and its gorgeous w/ the gold hardware. Looks very classy, more old school chanel, but still modern.
  9. by any chance do you have a picture of the burgundy lambskin ghw....
  10. I only have this terrible picture of me carrying it that my friend took w/ my phone....it's a classic clutch with chain.
  11. Hands down, get the 12A red! I would've preferred it with GH, but the color is a classic Chanel red & seems more versatile. I saw the burgundy IRL & while the color + GH combo was rich, I wasn't blown away by it. I think it looks better in the pics.
  12. hey girls!! look what i ve got! SA sent me a pic for burgandy!! once i saw the pic,, its more harder to decide!
  13. The burgundy is so rich looking...very retro and modern at the same time.
  14. Get the 12A Red , It's stunning
  15. 12a because every season, Chanel makes a different shade of red, and this red is a really true red. Not too bright nor too dark... I think the burgundy is not as special as the 12a red, so I would say 12a. Good luck!