12A Red caviar

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  1. I'm closing to buying a preloved 12A red caviar jumbo. Whilst I have scoured the threads on colour and endless videos (there are not that many) I am struggling to get a true life idea of the red as I have never seen one in real life. Whilst I have some idea of its colour from pictures sent and the threads here, I would be grateful for input from those who have it, love it or otherwise. I have seen the helpful thread with red comparisons. I understand it is a deep rich red and with the iridescent type of caviar makes it very shiny? I lean towards more blue based deeper reds.
  2. Darcy from Opulent Habits have Chanel red comparison tape on youtube. It's very informative to me. It's probable made pre 17B red I think.
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  3. Thank you@sapphire2691. I had missed that video which references 12A. I’ve also revisited the colour thread which has help. It truly is a stunning red from what I can see.