12A Cluth with chain or classic flap or reissue?

  1. Hi Chanel lovers!

    I am gonna get myself a new chanel bag, thinking to get either CWC or m/l classic flap or 255 reissue. Love them all but i could only go for one now. I have checked with heathrow airport SA on the CWC, it is out of stock.. wonder if there will be stock coming in soon. Which one should i get? I need your advise please :smile: also, please share your pic of CWC and flap bag here if you don't mind. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I'm having the same issue!!!! Need help deciding!
  3. I would choose the m/l classic flap or reissue!
  4. Reissue!!
  5. I say get the m/l first! The CWC is more of a clutch while the other two are purses. The price for the CWC is also a lot cheaper comparatively so it really depends on what you want.
  6. The CWC is really a small bag . That said it would be perfect when you just have a few items - also note it is not gusseted, so even carrying an eye glass case of traditional size would fit in this design. It's a beautiful small bag with very limited room.
  7. Oops - Would not fit !!!
  8. I'd get the reissue first before more price increase :smile: I know I have the classic flap, but not I am thinking that maybe I should have got the reissue first haha becuase it's the original design and they are more expensive than classic as you know...so better get it now :smile:
  9. ~ if u have d funds i would go for the reissue first but d m/l classic flap is also a good choice but u can fit more into reissue thou. u can never go wrong with either.:cloud9: gl!;) hth:tender:
  10. Between the two, I like the clutch with chain :smile:
  11. reissue
  12. Hi All,

    Thanks for the comment :smile: Classic and reissue, which is more elegant/ luxury feel look? and between caviar and lamb skin, which is better? By the way, additional info for myself, i am small size, 32 yrs old with height of 157cm.
  13. To me, the most elegant and luxurious Chanel is black lamb skin with gold hardware classic flap in m/l size. But it may not be the case for you. Better try them out in person. I do agree with the ladies here that either a classic flap or a reissue is equally good. :smile:
  14. hi!

    finally, i got my first chanel baby - Here is the picture for sharing :smile: thanks all for your advise;)
    IMG_0155a.jpg IMG_0195a.jpg
  15. It was really tough to make a choice! I was advised to get the caviar instaed of lambskin by SA as it's my first chanel and definately want it to last for decades :biggrin: Love the reissue pretty much too, it will be my next target perhaps :smile: