$128 Cambon iPod cases!!!!!!!!!!

  1. At my NM LAst Call, in Grapevine, TX.
    They had probably 3 of each color left;
    black w/ fuschia lining and
    beige w/ orange lining.
  2. tnx, do u have the store info?
  3. no, sorry, I'm walking out the door literally.
    Just look up Neiman Marcus Last Call, Grapevine, TX.:yes:
    sorry guys! Good luck!
  4. they are at every NM outlet center :smile:
  5. thanks!
    I know that stock varies store to store. . .
    how do you know they are at EVERY store?
  6. My SA told me..I frequent NM outlet every other day and get to find out stuff..
  7. interesting. . I have yet to go to 2 different stores w/ the same stock.
    Maybe they had oodles of these and everyone got a little.
    Great news for everyone!