120? I don't think so.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. why not?
    I don't think she's tall{?}
    If that's a current photo she looks awesome!!
    My tummy DOES not look that way after loosing my pregnany weight. I can't believe she doesn't have lots of loose skin.
  3. I agree with Swanky - Janet's not that tall. I think she looks great now!
  4. She looks AMAZING! I don't care how much she lost or how much she weighs! To me, it's not about the numbers, it's about how you feel and how you look (in that order). She always had an amazing body but this is THE BEST she's ever looked, IMO! Good for her!
  5. i wish i had her body. i'm 120 and i don't look even close to that
  6. How about these from 2001 and 2002?? I wish I had her abs ~ she looks great.
    janet2001.jpg janet2002.jpg
  7. unbelievable!
  8. how did she do that?
  9. She's back...
    I didn't believe when gossip mags showed her "fat" pics. No way !! I always think of her with rips body and 6 packs abs.I am glad she's back in shape again, I am sure she wasn't happy when she gained all those weight. She's not that tall, can't really afford to gain that much weight (like me )
  10. Go Janet!!!
  11. I would die for those abs!
  12. She actually gain the weight for a movie. I heard it through the makeup/hairstylist grapevine. The movie is unfortunately on hold though, don't know what happened?! That is soo unhealthy to lose that much weight in such a short time, luckily she was always in top shape most of her life...otherwise that could be damaging at her age! I hope people don't get the notion that this is okay.
  13. She is very, very short! SHe looks amazing plus she just turned 40.
  14. I think she's only about 5'3-5'4

  15. Wow, she looks amazing. A few months ago, I saw a picture of her on a magazine. She had gained a lot of weight, I didn't recognize her. But wow, she looks great. I wish my stomach looks like that :love: