120 dogs and cats seized from single home

  1. About a week ago, 120 dogs and cats were seized from a single home in the county that I live in. I am hoping all the animal lovers could make a donation via paypal (5$ is enough) to help pay for the medical care, housing, and feeding of these animals.

    Here are some links to the story and to how you can donate:
    http://www.woodcountyhumanesociety.org/ Scroll down the page to "How you can help" for info on how to donate.

    Here are some news article links:


  2. Oh my! That's a serious hoarding problem. I saw on the Animal Planet, one guy in Detroit had 243 cats living in his house. It's just sad.

    I wish I lived near the area, I would love to foster some of the dogs but for now we can donate.
  3. Yes..please donate if you can. It is tax deductible and it will help the animals. I plan on volunteering at the shelter this week and weekend.
  4. OMG that is so sad. :crybaby:
  5. :wtf:
  6. i will do my part and hope all goes well..:tup:
  7. thanks to those who have donated.
    even the smallest amount helps in some way.

    pm me if you have donated or are planning on donating
  8. That is so sad. Thank you mm16 for donating your time and love to these animals in need :flowers: