12.. Nope. 17 Reveals for the Month of 12 :)


I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter.
Jun 28, 2015
Ok. So when I did my June reveal "6 Reveals for the 6th Month...." (link below) many of you tried to talk me into doing a "12 reveal version for December..."


I seriously did not want to do something insane like that. However, that was before I know what Karl had in mind for me with the Cruise season, and a couple of surprises (of course).

Seriously, things couldn't be worse. :crybaby:

That said, I've just spent the last 4 hours taking pictures. They are not even loaded yet.

However, let me put a teaser photo here first, with 2 warnings:
1) I need a long break after the torture and will not begin posting photos until US evening time. Therefore, check back in later tonight. I'm more fun on reveals when I'm not exhausted anyway. :happydance: However, I want to start the thread with an "invite" first to those of you who's been asking (and also it's quite awkward to do a reveal by yourself when no one shows up :lol:
2) The title said 17 but there will be only 16, for now. There is 1 final Cruise item that I am still waiting for arrival and I'm just tired of all these boxes and bags sitting around so want to get this going first I will amend that last item once it arrives. (WHAT IS WRONG with how Chanel is shipping the Cruise items in like 5 different batches? it's like they want to stretch Cruise out to be 5 seasons instead of 1 or something! :mad:)

Alright... here's the "BEFORE" :facepalm:

So please come back and visit this thread again later tonight, and see how I've gone over the deep end. :panic:


Sep 6, 2014
Yes!!! Cant wait!!!! :yahoo:Ohhh I can see already how 2016 has been great year for you!!! Big congrats on huge haul & Merry Christmas to you, and Happy holiday & New year!!!!:drinks:
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Jan 11, 2016
Oh my god.... that is going to be killer wait... can't wait to see what you have got.