12 Hours later, a Collection Pic!

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  1. Great pic!
  2. Love the family photo!
  3. Wow, I am in awe! What a fabulous collection! :woohoo:
    And what a beautiful picture! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together for us.
  4. I commented on FB but this is just a gorgeous picture!!

    Is your DBF a pro photographer? This was awesome of him!!
  5. Wow, that family photo is absolutely stunning! :faint:
    You have such a beautiful collection and I love how colourful it is!
  6. OMG what an AMAZING picture!! :smile: You 2 did an amazing job! You've got the best DBF C! :smile: Soo many lovely pairs!! Soo worth the effort for that pic!! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  7. what an amazing family photo pyari! love your collection!!
  8. Great work and thanks for sharing!

  9. FABULOUS shot! I love it, and really admire the time you (and your DBF) took to get such a picture. I'm still in awe... You have a beautiful collection!
  10. Wow, what a fabulous pic - congrats on each and every phenomenal pair. Wear them well girly! :ghi5:
  11. [​IMG]

    PyAri! I've been so curious about your collection, and WOW! You do not disappoint!

    Love this shot! You have so many shoes that I am just :nuts: about! Actually, I want them ALL!! Thank s for being an inspiration.

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, collection!
  12. Pyari

    :nuts::nuts::nuts::woohoo::woohoo::yahoo: THE BEST group shot ever!!! was well worth the work babe!!! Thank you for sharing !!! LOVE :heart::love:
  13. :drool: Wow what a fantastic collection! LOVE the photo!
  14. Hello everyone. Sorry for the late reply. I've been on vacation for a few days. Just got back from Orlando!

    Nani-Thank you =)

    moshi_moshi-Thank you =)

    tivogirl-You're welcome. I'm so glad I could help :hugs:

    Cherrasaki-Aww, thank you =)

    fieryfashionist-Thanks M :hugs:

    FullyLoaded-Thank you for the super sweet compliment =)

    Lanbanan-Thank you. Me too, doesn't the suede just stick out?

    jancedtif-Thank you =)

    rock_girl-Thank you =)

    Miss T.-Thank you for the super sweet words =)

    lolitablue-Thank you beautiful =) DBF just shoots as a hobby. If it were up to him he'd do it for a living.

    minna_sc-Thank you =)

    Raffaluv-Awww, thank you cousin :hugs:

    phiphi-Thank you so much =)

    Adrena-Your 10s made me smile. Thank you so much =)

    ct462-Thank you =)

    Aikandy-LOL@the iPod commercial. Thank you =)

    Beaniebeans-Wow, thank you so much for the super kind words. You have me blushing. :flowers:

    adctd2onlnshpng-Thank you so much :hugs:

    caitle-Thank you =)
  15. Holy cow! 12 hours? I don't have 12 hours to devote to much of anything...
    Your shoes are beautiful though and you really can tell how much effort you put into your collection pics. Thanks so much for sharing:smile: