12 Hours later, a Collection Pic!

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  1. This took alot of work, so I hope it's okay for it to have it's own thread.
    I've never taken a group shot so I thought it was time.

    Some background info:

    I got my very first pair last year in Sep 2009 on my birthday and since then have been through a lot of pairs, some which I've had to let go due to sizing issues.
    Definitely sucks not live near a boutique where you can try before you buy.

    Now on to the shoot:
    After 12 hours of brainstorming, going out to look for and buy the right backdrop/stage, setting up the stage, arranging the shoes,
    micro adjusting everything and rigging stuff (poor BF) and then finally the dreaded clean up--
    We finally got a group shot!
    Being that I've never seen all of my shoes together it was really fun to see how all the colors look together.
    Taking them out of their boxes and putting them back was definitely no fun though.

    Major thank you to the DBF for being so patient throughout the entire process and taking the pictures for me, I :heart: you!

    Some before shots (captions are from DBF as these are pics he used on his photography forum):



    Me trying to group shoes by styles and figure out which shoes go on which row:

    My special pairs to go on the top row:

    And finally, after 12 hours the group shot...


    Thank you for letting me share :flowers:
  2. Wow! What a great picture, C! And I love each and every pair!
  3. WOOT!!! What a fabulous picture! I need to check it out more closely for favs....
  4. Wow - that was well worth all the work! They look fantastic. You've got so many great shoes but I especially love any glitter shoes! :love:
  5. Wow, love both of the Biancas, the BW Greissimo, the purple numbers on the right above the silver archdisco are fabulous!
  6. wow! doesn't that pic just make you feel happy :smile:
  7. Wow!!! Can't wait for the individual introduction!! :drool:
  8. :ps:
  9. I love it, what a great picture and what an effort - good stuff =)
  10. Wow Cool!
  11. ZOMG! That is so awesome! I love this family picture thing! You have so many amazing pairs!! Love love love them all!! Lilac pinups! Barbie pink biancas!! Spiked vps!! Ga they're all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  12. WOW!! All I can say is amazing!!! Your collection is amazing, and all of the time put into the group shot really paid off as it is simply beautiful!
  13. oh my god .. those words literally came out loud and my fiance looked over at me ! absolutely gorgeous
  14. That's what I call a family. Thanks for the time and effort to show us your lovely collection.
  15. Gorgeous family pic! I love all your special shoes - especially the blue glitter VPs and your studded VP's. Well worth the 12 hours and all the manpower!