11th Anniversary this Wednesday! What meal to prepare?

  1. Hi everyone!! this Wednesday marks our 11th anniversary!! yaaaay! I survived!! haha .. anyway I wana prepare a gourmet meal for the two of us .. I was thinking about the following:

    1) Oysters on the half shell with a garlic and lemon sauce ..
    2) Some sort of salad (any suggestions??) ..
    3) Ribeye steak *his favourite* (what seasonings should I use use??) ..
    4) Asparages spears wrapped in salmon fillets drizzeled with a hollandaise sauce ..
    5) Baby new potatoes (with the skins on) sautaed in butter, lemon, garlic, and corrinader ..
    6) Dessert ideas needed!! I have some wonderful cheeses and some caviar .. plus I have some whipped cream and I could get fresh strawberries and chocolate .. any suggestions?

    All the help needed and appreciated .. :tup:
  2. Congratulations!!!!

    I love your ideas! they sound great!

    A suggestion for the salad...

    field greens with pecans, feta cheese and very thinly sliced purple onions with a nice vinigarette.

    I serve this a lot and everyone always loves it.

    Desert: Does he like cheese cake? maybe serve that with the strawberries?

    I like to season my steaks with just salt and pepper... lots of pepper... imho, a great steak doesn't need anything other than salt, pepper and hot fire!
  3. I modified below!

  4. oh my god thanks!!! both the ideas are wonderful! I will look into these a bit more!!