11P Chanel Lion Head Flaps

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have seen a couple of pictures on here from the trunk shows of the lion head bags and the one that is up on chanel.com. Does anyone have any info on them? Sizes/colours/materials/price etc?? I LOVE the lion clasp on them soooooooooooooo much!!! I REALLY hope they'll be available in the UK!!! :biggrin:

    Thanks ladies!! ;)
  2. So glad you started this thread. I love them too!! MY SA at the boutique in New Jersey told me yesterday that Chanel stores ordered the shoulder bags in satin - red, grey, black, purple, if my memory serves me correctly. I was disappointed to hear that they weren't getting lambskin. I may call back to confirm that. Again, trying to remember what I was told. I am waiting to hear from NM in NJ and will let you know what I find out there.
  3. I'm holding my breath for the leo flaps as well!!!!!
    So far, I'm hearing it's only coming in jersey/satin/lamb. I'm crossing my fingers that they're coming in calfskin.....

    There are two styles: the Evening, and the Chevron for the leo flaps. I would love to find out which stores will be carrying this!
  4. Not available in calf skin.

    Evening bag in satin.

    Flaps in two sizes - large and medium and come in lambskin and jersey.
    I want to know what's available in the UK too! Any intel welcome! :drool:
  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I would LOVE a large lambskin leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love::love:

    Sooooo pretty!! I have heard the lamb is coming in black, dark purple and red....

    Anybody else have any info? Prices??
  6. And for lambskin, also PINK.
  7. Mee, too still searching hope I can get one:girlsigh: in lambskin.
  8. ^^Ohhhhh pink too! I'm undecided between purple and red - I already have a red vintage maxi and few black Chanels so thought purple might be nice but it depends on the shade I guess...

    Does anybody have any intel on when these are due in??? I REALLY hope I can track one down! :graucho:
  9. hi any pics to share? tks!!
  10. saw one in store/boutique already... very nice
  11. I am on a bag ban (:crybaby:), but I cannot wait to see tPFers photos of these new flas!
  12. Ohhhhh really?? Share!! What colour/material/size did you see?? Did you happen to check out the price?? TIA! :nuts:
  13. Black. I think it was lamb and I think it was 2800. I can't really remember size of that but smaller than jumbo for sure. There was also clutch. Lions head is turnlock. Cool.
  14. :yahoo:It sounds sooooo cool. I can't wait to see this bag IRL!!
  15. NM did not order the chevron flap just the satin evening bag.

    Saks ordered the flap in black and red lambskin. I believe the small is $2800 and large is $3000.

    Boutique ordered the large size in black, purple, and orange. I'm on waitlist for all three colors because I'm not sure which color will appeal to me. So far none has arrived yet and my SA thinks it will start to roll in later this month. HTH