1. aw man...i gained 6 lbs since january. :shame: omg...*sigh* i have to start getting my butt to the gym.
  2. i am with you there! i gained 3 kilos since christmas:cry:

    have to put myself on diet!!!!:suspiciou
  3. 6 lbs since January can go away as easily as it came!!!

    I gained 12 lbs in 2 weeks (just got off my vacation). Whoopsie
  4. I hear ya megs. Sometimes I just go hog wild on vacation! And when I get back instead of feeling refreshed I feel lousy :nuts:
  5. :smile: Going to the gym is easy once you make the first step.

    I'm addicted to working out- I'm going to spinning tonight, and Im going to do arms!

  6. I am right with you all! I have got to loose 5-7 pounds by 5/3!!! UGH, I hate dieting!
  7. Relax, take a deep breath...you caught the weight gain...now slowly work to get it off. Don't let it upset you. You have a support tem to cheer you on. Good Luck!
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