$1100 Pewter Day!!

  1. Somebody grab this....Pewter is amazing! I thought I wasn't a metallic gal but on impulse I bought a Pewter box and it is TDF! I love it!
  2. I knew this one would show up but I just can't afford an impulse purchase right now. But this baby would be a lovely little extra...!
  3. I know I saw this this morning on the newsletter. I wonder how bright the pewter is? cilla can you post pics of your pewter Box so I can see better pics of the color?
  4. MRG Here you go, keep in mind I am not a very good photographer. The leather is really soft on my bag.

    Without flash -

    With flash:

  5. It's so pretty! :heart:
  6. Great bag, Cilla! Thanks for posting pics for me.
  7. esiders Thank you so much! I had wrongly assumed it was a 05 pewter but looking on atelier.naf I see that it is indeed a silver.

    You have a gorgeous bag!