$1100[ish] to spend ??


What combo should I get?

  1. Speedy 35, Damier Pochette Wallet

  2. Speedy 35, Mono Cles, Damier 6 CC for bf

  3. Neverfull GM, Damier Pochette Wallet

  4. Neverfull GM, Mono Cles, Damier 6 CC for bf

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  1. What should I get?

    Choices are between Speedy 35, Neverfull GM, Damier Wallet [6 cc] for the bf, Pochette wallet [Damier or Azur? What do you think?], and Mono Cles. . .

    I'm going after Christmas to purchase gifts for myself! :tup:

    & want to know what you all think?

  2. Neverfull GM, Damier Pochette Wallet ...my vote! Personally I think the Speedy 35 is too big! The Neverfull GM while big, looks better proportioned big! And that DPW, is nice! Forget the BF...sorry!
  3. haha! ^ Thanks girl!
  4. Speedy 35 and Pochette wallet! I also say forget the bf! And while I find the 35 too big for me, if youre considering it, it must be fine on you! And I am definitely not a fan of the Neverfulls because of those thin handles and they remind me of Longchamp le pliage bags (which I love, but theyre not LV!)
  5. ITA!!!:tup:
  6. Speedy 30, Mono Cles, Damier 6 CC for bf - I think a 30 would be better then the 35
  7. I don't know that I can comment on the bags because neither is my style, but seriously, I would get something for the BF. Because just suppose the BF becomes the DH ... I mean, it can't hurt to get him addic ... er, appreciating the finer things in life from a young age. And even if he doesn't end up the DH, he will always thank you for encouraging him to appreciate quality and style. :yes:
  8. Hmmm.. a speedy 30 and a pochette for yourself!! LOL! Forget the BF!
  9. Go for a speedy 30 and a zippy wallet! 35 is too big!
  10. I agree about the BF!
    As for bags, I prefer 30 but I've seen women rocking their 35s!
    Enjoy your shopping spree:nuts:
  11. I voted for the neverfull, cles and wallet. Its always nice to share LV, especially with those you care about.
  12. Hm.. you guys are so great! I would never buy anything with out getting my tPf'rs opinions. I'm still undecided though :tdown::p !