11 year old is a mother-to-be!

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  1. Girl, 11, will be Britain's youngest mother

    By IAN DRURY, Daily Mail 08:52am 12th May 2006
    A girl is to become Britain's youngest mother after becoming pregnant at 11. The girl smokes 20 cigarettes a day despite being eight months' pregnant. She conceived aged 11 when she lost her virginity to a boy of 15 on a drunken night out with friends.
    The 15-year-old has since been charged with rape by police, and is due to appear again at Edinburgh sheriff court on July 10.
    Her 34-year-old mother, who gave birth to her youngest child eight months ago, said she was 'proud' of her daughter.
    She will be 12 years and 8 months when she has the child next month. Jenny Teague, Britain's youngest mother until now, was a month older when she gave birth in 1997.
    The youngster, who lives near Edinburgh, says looking after her younger brothers has prepared her for motherhood.
    But the girl admits she "panics and cries" when babies are unwell and does not feel able to bathe them.
    The mother-to-be, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had unprotected sex with the teenage boy, who also cannot be identified, while drunk last August.
    She told the Sun: "I didn't think I'd get pregnant because it was my first time. But I'm really excited and looking forward to being a mum.
    "I can't wait to take the baby swimming and out for walks in the pram. I think I'll be able to cope as I've had lots of practice looking after my brothers.
    "I know how to feed a baby its bottle and I can change nappies. But I panic and cry if they're sick and I don't like giving them a bath because I'm a bit frightened.
    "It's good to know I'll have my mum here to help me if I need her."
    Concerned she might be pregnant, the girl visited a GP three times but tests proved negative. She learned the truth after buying a home-testing kit from a supermarket.
    After the device displayed two blue lines, indicating she was pregnant, she pleaded with a female relative to break the news to her mother. The girl, who has been suspended from her first year of secondary school for fighting, said: "I was paranoid about what my mum was going to say and just frightened about being pregnant too.
    "I knew straight away that I couldn't have an abortion because that's something I don't believe in.
    "I was upset and so was my mum, especially as she'd just had my wee brother. We had a big argument and I ended up locking myself in my room and running away to a friend's.
    "It was really hard but it's brought me and my mum closer, which is good. I knew my mum would stand by me no matter what, but I told her straight away I was going to keep the baby.
    "The social worker suggested I got rid of it but I'd never do that."
    Smoking at nine
    The girl, who has shoulder-length dark hair, began smoking at nine and started drinking tonic wine and vodka cocktails at ten. She claimed her cigarette habit was not harming the health of her unborn child.
    She said: "I can give up smoking at any time, but I don't find it affects my pregnancy."
    The girl, whose parents split up several years ago, said she would like a baby boy - and may call him Leo.
    She is currently being educated at a local community centre but knows she must return to school.
    She told the Sun: "My mum has said she will look after the baby so I can go to school. I don't know what I want to do with my life when I leave. I used to want to be a nursery nurse, but now I'm not so sure."
    'Proud of my daughter'
    Her mum said: "I'm not ashamed of my daughter at all - in fact, I'm proud of her for keeping the baby.
    "I know she's worried what other people will say but she can walk out there with her head held high.
    "At first I wasn't too happy about becoming a gran. But now I'm used to the idea. I'm really looking forward to having another baby in the house."
    The Scottish Conservatives has called for society and families to unite to change attitudes towards sex following the news.


    There are no words... :cry:
  2. this is so sad...

    smoking while pregnant -- yikes! but i think in europe they're more lax about that kind of thing. personally i think the girl's mom took the proper attitude about it. in my experience as a teen pregnancy educator, the "what done is done, now how will we provide for this baby" tact makes for healthier babies and moms. i hope it works out ok for everyone involved....but if all this stuff started hitting the fan with this poor girl was NINE i just don't have high hopes. *sigh* :\
  3. I'm speachless and I feel bad for the youngster, she really doesn't know whats comming.
  4. I'm in total shock. I don't know which part of the situation is the most disturbing...
  5. I am don't know what to say ... I feel bad for the unborn baby. I just hope the mom will learn to be more responsible but 11 is just way too young! She will feel robbed of her childhood.
  6. I agree ... every single part of the story is disturbing.
  7. wow that story is disturbing,and depressing.Her mom is stupid..how can she let a 9 year old drink,and smoke??,she seriously ruined her life...
  8. i personally do not think she is physically, emotionally, socially ready to have a child.. i mean, sure she can make the baby, but because of her behaviors, i am guessing that the baby may not be as what she is expecting the baby to be... feel sorry for the baby.. well for the kid who got pregnant.. i would refer her to a therapist and so does her parents...
  9. I agree. She didn't even know you could get pregnant the first time having sex. She doesn't understand that the effects of smoking during pregnancy aren't something you will immediately notice. She is talking about this baby as if it is going to be all fun, like playing with a doll. She even admits that she's frightened by the idea of the baby being sick or having to bathe the child.
  10. This is so sad. This is what's wrong with the world today. Can't even really blame the child so much because - 11 years old, out drinking with friends and having sex??? WHERE ARE THE PARENTS????? It really and truely is the parents that have the greatest effect on their child's life so we HAVE to get involved and be commited to not letting our children have a life like this girl is about to have.
  11. I'm really speechless. 9 years old is like 3rd grade, correct? I was still using a coloring book then. Man...I really pity her.
  12. girls as young as 7 are having periods now days!:sad:
  13. When my husband was in medical school, he delivered a baby from a 12 year old. It was a 22 weeker and only lived for an hour.
  14. I totally agree. This just breaks my heart; she seems to be a really nice and responsible (for her age) girl. She doesn't know what she's getting into.

    A sixth grader!! :sad:
  15. Yeah, Magical Karma Princess has a nice point. They're putting on makeup and buying 70 dollar jackets at 4th and 5th grade T__T.

    Poor baby. =( She or He will probably end up getting cancer or a mental retardation, because of all that nicotine inhaled. I think age 11 is way too young to have sex, and to have a baby. I mean.. 11 years old.. I tutor kids that age.. Wow.