11 months old and driving an Escalade

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    Britney Spears, with son Sean at a Hollywood recording studio, invests in some early driving lessons for the 11-month-old. Workers there unloaded a mini Cadillac Escalade – which costs about $300 – after the two arrived Tuesday.
  2. i cant stand brit anymore but that has got to be one of the cutest babies ever. as for the mini escalade does he even have the motor skills yet??
  3. i can imagine him in an Escalade :lol:. he's so adorable!
  4. Yes, the baby is ADORABLE!!! Those cars are useless untill the child is at least two years old though. We got one of those motorized jeeps for my son's first b-day and it sat in the garage for a year and a half!:nuts:
  5. ^ Have to agree. He won't be able to drive that until he's aleast 2 maybe 3. My son is 3 & I still don't want him to have it..he wouldn't understand how to go & stop by himself. But Sean is sooo cute!
  6. man...who knew K-Fed could produce such a cute kid!
  7. I just want to kiss the baby.
  8. My daughter got a Barbie Jeep for her 2nd birthday and loved to sit in it and make motor noises with her mouth. She would not actually drive it until she was 3.5 yrs old.

    Maybe Sean P. likes to sit in it and pretend to drive and turn the steering wheel?

    He is such a cute little chunky monkey!

    Edit: Maybe it was for KFeds other two kids to play with?
  9. What a gorgeous baby. mmmmm i just want to pinch those cheeks. our barbie car is still in storage 'cause my girls just aren't old enough yet and they are 4 and 3. lily, my three, had it out when she was about 1.5 and just drove it into the lamp pole. kept on going and whamo. my husband has it on tape. she is just flooring it and and the wheels are spinning and she is not going anywhere. those cars are for BIG kids
  10. My son got an Escalade last Christmas (he's 2). I believe my husband was more excited about it than he ever will be.
  11. My neighbour's son has been driving his since 2. And driving surprisingly well.
    My son is 2 and he plays with the neighbours car, he likes to go forwards and in reverse but he can't control his direction the way he wants to and it frustrates him.

    Last May the neighbour turned 5. We had just gotten the invite when my husband turns to me and says,
    "What the hell do you buy for a kid that got a car when he turned two?"


  12. LOL! How true. I've thought the same thing about some of the bday parties we've been invited to. The child has everything already which makes our piddly little 20$ gift seem a tad pathetic.
  13. What a precious baby!!! So cute!!!

    I wouldn't be surprised if the escalade was for K. Fed....
  14. His other son would be just about the right age for a toy like that. You're right, it's probably for him.
  15. my daughter loves hers!!