11 month old tantrums?

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  1. DS is a little over 11 months old and recently (within the last 2-3 weeks), he has learned to throw the most hilacious tantrums. I know it seems hard to believe as he is so young so I will just describe what he does.
    1. He loves bath time and when I take him out of the bath to dry his off, he screams at the top of his lungs and bicycle kicks.
    2. If he reaches for something he wants to play with and I take it away (because it isn't a toy or I don't want him putting it in his mouth), he screaches like a freakin' car alarm varying his pitches up and down (imagine a police siren) until I distract him with something else.
    3. If I am carrying him into his bed room and he doesn't want to sleep, he arches backwards (handing out of my hands) and screams at the top of his lungs.

    Obviously he doesn't understand discipline and he is way too young for that but I don't know how to handle this. Sometimes it is funny but I don't laugh b/c I don't want to send the wrong message. Sometimes it just frazzles me and I don't know how to react. HELP....
  2. My son around the same age as yours and been doing this for a month. My MIL said it's the Terrible Twos Too Soon :P
    Other mothers have suggested distraction like when I take him out of the shower and dress him to give him a small toy to play with. I suppose this is the transition period when little ones who can't talk yet want to express themselves so badly. So far we've only had success with teaching him how to say "eat" when he's hungry, now he would just scream "eat" though sometimes it sounds more like "ate" LOL.
  3. Oh gosh I could have written that myself. I do not believe in spanking, so what I do is I correct her behavior, such as telling her no with a firm voice but not screaming. I stand my ground (like taking pens away from her, I don't give it back, like I've seen some other women do).

    I talk to her and tell her why she can't do or continue with what she wants. It seems worthless but I think she may understand some of it, when I tell her its time for bed she cries but I still put her to bed, now the crying isn't as bad.

    As far as bath time, she still gets upset, but I never put her back in the water, once mommy is done, we are all done. I put her towel around her and carry her to her room across the hall usually she's done pitching her fit by then.

    Her big thing right now is slapping me in the face. I always put her hand down to her side and tell her "You do not slap mommy" with a serious look. She's actually stopped midway a few times now bc she knows she'll get in trouble.

    Basically you just have to get through it, they are just trying to express themselves. :smile: HTH.
  4. ^^^That helps a lot, thanks PF. DS's thing is pulling my hair and I will gently but firmly open up his fist (as he grabs by the fistful) and pull his hand down towards his side. He doesn't quite get that it is not okay but it is a new thing so he hasn't been corrected that many times. I appreciate the advice. It is good to know I am not alone on this one.
  5. oh yes k-kay does the same. she is only 9mths, but she has let us know that she isn't happy when something is taken away from her that she has to have. she started screaming when dh took away his cell phone at about 6mths. she has a lil attitude...lol as they grow they will test boundaries they will let you know what they want and don't want. just continue to distract with either a toy or silly noises and singing [that works on k-kay...i made up a silly song about her with her name in it. as soon as i sing it to her she starts to bounce and to smile]
  6. Believe it or not, they DO understand the word "NO". My 1 year old has been testing her boundaries for quite some time now. These days when she wants to do something bad, like put a pen in her mouth etc., she looks at me first and slowly moves the pen towards her mouth, the I sternly say "NO", and she drops it. Before she would look at me, do the "deed" and I say "no" but she would still continue doing it and I would take whatever she has or remove her from the situation. I think now she gets the concept of "no".
  7. When a tantrum occures, stay calm or pretend to. If you get angry the child will be more likely to feed off this. if you want to try and calm the child because of the situation you are in, get down to their level and talk calmly and quietly to them. If you can talk quietly into their ear they will be more likely to calm down so they can hear what you are saying. If you are at home when they throw a tantrum try to ignore it. If you try to reason with them then you run the riskof teaching your child that they will get your full attention.
  8. Lily has just started to do this!! Geez, its so frusterating cuz she likes to try to slap me in the face and I take her hand and say "no! no hitting...make nice" and I take her hand and gently stroke my face with it gently.