11 hours to go; scared to death

  1. My first eBay auction ends today. I've got 10 watchers, received 1 inquiry and have 0 bids. Meanwhile, I'm reading all of your posts about nonpaying bidders, liars, bait and switchers and I'm getting really nervous. I've followed every bit of good advice posted here -- thanks, by the way. But wow, it's stressful.

    Any words of encouragement for a selling newbie?:sweatdrop:
  2. 10 watchers is a good thing! Perhaps 5 or more of them are planning on jumping on it at the last minute. That could start a bidding war and really up the price. Have faith. Good luck to you!!
  3. I would try not to stress over it as you really have no control over who may or may not bid and what may follow after the auction closes.
  4. all the watchers is good. don't worry and have faith maybe it'll jump up in the last 50 seconds..
  5. A lot of people will watch and then bid at the last minute. But sometimes you will get a lot of watchers and no bids. If your item doesn't sell, you can re-list it once and if it sells the 2nd time you get refunded for your insertion fee. eBay has still been kinda slow...lots of watchers and no bids. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it doesn't sell, just re-list it. Hopefully it will sell though! :smile:
  6. Dead. 12 watchers and it died without a single bid.
  7. I do a fair amount of selling on eBay and this has happened to me before as well. It's discouraging, especially when so many people are watching your item. I would try relisting it...if you can, perhaps relist it for just slightly less than what you originally listed it. Good luck!!
  8. also try relisting it so that the auction ends during prime ebay hours - weekends are a bad time for 7-day relisting usually. try for work day afternoons when people are doing online shopping right after their lunch break
  9. I don't agree with this. I find my auctions that start and end on weekend days or early evenings have the most success.

    Also, with so many people using sniping services now, it really doesn't matter.
  10. Sorry, I disagree with the above as well. I have worked at a place where people actually got reprimanded for going on ebay at work, even on their break time. Work computers are not supposed to be used for auction sites and some employers will enforce that. I have sold and always found list on a weekend and end on a weekend:tup:.
  11. The ebay site is blocked at my job, so I'm not able to answer inquiries until I get home!
  12. I'm sorry to hear it ended with no bids, but as they say: "Try, try again." As ellacoach said, relist it, maybe at a slightly lower price. It will eventually sell. Good luck to you!!

  13. Hi
    Im sorry to hear that your item didnt sell. That is very frustrating. My boyfriend recently listed some stuff on ebay and did research before listing it. He said that listing the auction for 7 days with an end time on a weekend between 6pm-9pm is the best. Whether this is true or not who knows but that is what he found when he researched listing items. Good luck and dont get discouraged! Hopefully it will sell soon.
  14. Oh I am so sorry to hear it ended without any bids. That is so frustrating! I would relist, often times people who watch forget to bid, I know that sounds crazy but it is true! I would try again, good luck!
  15. my work blocks ebay too - so weekdays during 9-5 probably not too great (i have also heard that weekdays after the lunch hour was a good time to sell, but this is from my bf who is an inexperienced seller lol) though i'm not sure weekend is always great either. maybe sunday evening definitely but I read in an ebay-selling book that fridays and saturdays are the slowest (Since everyone's out at night?)