11 hour flight... now 3 hour delay. Keep me company!

  1. So today I flew back from Germany to the states. I came via route of Charlotte, NC. My flight left Germany at 11:45, or was supposed to. We boarded at 11 am (5 am EST). I sat on that plane until 4:30 pm. So that was 11.5 hours on the plane. I am not complaining hugely, though the movie selection sucked and it seemed like forever.. could have also been because I did not sleep at all.

    So I get to Charlotte, go through customs, only to find out my next flight is estimated to be between a 2 and 3 hour delay. I understand nothing can be done about it, but I am soo tired, hungry, and just sick of the airport.

    Who else can feel me on this!! So join my thread and talk to me as I wait for another 2 hours to leave Charlotte :flowers:
  2. Aw man!

    Do you know where the flight is coming from? I might be able to find out for you why its been delayed?
  3. Yikes!! Hang in there, Megs, you're in the home stretch!
  4. Thanks all!!

    Trolley- I don't know where it is coming from... it is a major bummer!!
  5. Awww......so sorry. I think the worst delay I every had was 12 hours in Changi, S'pore. I had DS in tow - he was 2 years and 10 months, and travelling alone. That was awful!!!

    Hope you can get home safely and soon for Christmas!!! Is Vlad still in Germany?
  6. Merika- that beats me hands down! Traveling with a toddler alone... with a long delay... my hat is off to you!
  7. That was not the best part...flight was from S'pore ->Seoul (Korea)->JFK. The Seoul->JFK leg was 13 hours. We had food on the flight - something Korean (we were flying a Korean airline) - and DS ate it and threw up all over the guy in the next seat......
  8. ^ OHHHHH noooo!!!!! That would be a nightmare for me.

    You totally win, hands down!!!

    My hiney is completely numb right now though
  9. :confused1:
    I would be so p*ssed if I had to wait for 3 hours but then thats just me lol!

    As long as you had a great time in Germany!

    Did you make any purchases while you were there?;)
  10. At least you have your laptop! I know here, in OH, it has started snowing pretty badly so if the plane is coming from here, I could see reason for delay.

    Good luck w. your wait!
  11. Airport delays stink! I sat in the Montego Bay airport coming back from my honeymoon this year for 5 hours, if not for the Margaritaville in the airport I probably wouldn't have made it!

    Good luck and perhaps you could share some of your purchases in Germany so we can all drool!
  12. sorry to hear about your delay megs, I remember a 14.5 hour delay from greece we had some years ago and the flight is only 4 hours itself LOL, I hated it but it didnt stop me from loving greece :smile:
  13. I just saw this thread. did she make her flight okay? what a drag!
  14. I ALWAYS get at LEAST a 2 hour delay at CHARLOTTE!!I despise that airport!!!
    Good luck MEgs...hope u get home SOON!
  15. Maybe I'm lucky... when I was at Charlotte they let me board two flights before my actual flight! Guess they were slow that day.

    Did you make it home safely Megs?? Times like that makes me want to get a chair/butt massager.