11 FW Kelly Jumping Boots Sizing Help!!!

  1. Thank you for checking out my thread. :biggrin:
    I 've been waiting for a pair of this gorgy shoes and some nice SA called me today to check out the size 37.5 from their store. Local stores are all sold out of any sizes between 36 to 38(and they have no further plan to restock them till next season) so I had no chance to actually try them on and the store I contacted earlier finally got one pair in size 37.5(and this is only and last pair they have) I normally wear size 6.5 ~7. For some shoes run small, I wear up to 37.5. If that store was located in nearby here, I would have gone to the store after phone call. However, in order to go that store, I need to take at least 1.5 hours via BOAT which could be quite a long way(hopefully weather won't be bad). :push:Would you girls please share your opinion on Jumping boots? I also heard that they tend to run bigger than 10FW , is it true? Thank you guys in advance!
  2. I normally wear 39.5. If shoes are round toed or open toed sandals I tend to be a 39. I usually go down to 39 for boots when rounded toed. I have just bought my 1st pair of jumping boots and bought 38.5. I have worn them 5-6 times and they are wearing in nicely. I definitely made the right choice. They are long enough, but a little tight across the foot to start with, but loosening up nicely.

    I think you need to try them on. If you feet are normal- wide, and/ or your ankles and calves are standard, you may find them too tight. I have skinny ankles and calves, so I was pleased I could go down a size, but it won't be the same for everyone.

    I hope this helps
  3. I usually wear 34.5 or 35. I have a high arch and so the 35's are perfect to accomodate getting my foot down into the boot and that I wear a thin, warm boot sock. My DD is a 36.5 but for her the 36's were best because of the shape of her foot. I realize how difficult it is to get to the store, but it is best to try them on since fit in these boots is important. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. Thank you all. Purchasing a shoes is always difficult and especially this time I even need to travel across the boarder and ocean just in order to try them on. What if they are not my size??? Fingers crossed.
  5. i wear 5.5 6 and i bought the jumping boots in 5.5. it fits well but i think a size 6 would work too with thicker socks.
  6. I bought a 39.5 and that is my usual size.
  7. I'm a standard size 37. For the jumping boots, I bought a 36.5. HTH!
  8. Update:

    So I took a boat early in the morning and went to store to try them on. I am 6.5 ~7 US or 235~240 mm. As said they only had one pair of 37.5 and it was .........tad big. What i am saying is it was big like if I was standing in two big buckets. The problem was calves. Anyways I put my name on 36.5 for next season. We will see how it would fit me this time. I appreciate you all and hope it helps members who's looking for sizing advices. I strongly recommend you to go down half or full size of ur original size for jumping boots.;)