11 days and counting.....

  1. How crazy is this? I am actually counting the days until I can get into BV for my bag:shame:! I am so glad all of you on tPF keep posting pics....FUN FUN FUN to look at. I have nearly broken down a minimum of 5 times and ordered online but held off, mostly because I save A LOT on sales tax by buying in Hawaii. Our tax here is more than double Hawaii's. I am so glad I have this forum to check out....everyone else would think I was nuts!!!
  2. woohoo:yahoo:...i am excited for you! please show us your new purchase!

    are u going to Hawaii? i love that place and great food all around :tup:
  3. Stay strong. She will be yours very very soon!
  4. Holidays in Hawaii with BV?!:nuts: That's so worth the counting!!
  5. Thanks Catabie....I can't wait to get there! Heading to sunny, beautiful Hawaii from COLD Buffalo will be great!

    Ms Piggy....this is harder than I thought but I will keep trying to stay strong!

    Thanks Mid-!!!!
  6. Olympia177, I'm nearby in cold and freezing rain Toronto and believe me, a Hawaii BV combo would have me counting the days, too! Enjoy your trip and post pix when you return!
  7. hi olympia177, enjoy hawaii and we are expecting lots of pictures when you get back.

    was just wondering, where is the sales tax lowest in usa? do tourists get the tax back if you are bringing the goods out of the usa?
  8. I'd be counting the days too, it's so exciting to get a new BV!
  9. No worries there, Olympia177. You've got all of us to count down with you! :beach:
  10. Hi ACA....not sure where the tax is lowest...it varies from state to state and even county to county within the same state. Where I live it is 8.725%, in Honolulu it is 4.75%. I would think yes, you could get the tax back but don't quote me on that. Probably there is some rule saying you can't LOL!!! Others might be able to chime in on that! :smile:
  11. Have a lovely trip, I love Hawaii! BTW what BV did you have in mind??? Can't wait to see your lovely pics!
  12. hawaii!! i love that place!! you will love that place, olympia! especially if there's gonna be a bv waiting for you there!

    do share pics with us sooooon.....
  13. hi olympia177, thanks for that. i think it's worthwhile investigating. think i will start a new thread on that and see if our fellow tpfers based in the usa will respond.
  14. Hi Syma...I am planning on a veneta as of right now....not sure what size or color as I want to see them in person before choosing. Definately pics when I return with my BV!!!!