10th Anniversary- Van Cleef-Butterflies?

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  1. Hi All:
    I am heading to New York for my 10th anniversary and thought of getting something at VCA to celebrate. Do you think the alhambra stuff is going to be a passing trend? I loved the Lucky Alhambra because I want to get something with a butterfly. I also saw an adorable Dior butterfly pendant, but I can't find it anymore. I also love the Frivole line at VCA. Any opinions? Great problem to have, I know. But I can't make a decision!!!!
  2. Hi brandho~ The Alhambra pieces are part of VCA's classic collections so it definitely won't be a passing trend according to my SA. Not sure about the Lucky Alhambra line. I think that's fairly new. Oh and I love the Frivole line!! Everything is sooo cute! VCA actually has a lot of different butterfly and flower pieces that are not on the website.

    The VCA store in NY is nice! Keep in mind that not all of the jewelry is out on display. So you may have to ask for certain items. At least that's how it was when we went.

    Let us know what you get. What a terrific 10 Year Anniversary gift it will be!! Congrats in advance!! :yes:
  3. I have a double butterfly ring from VCA, which is very fun to wear. It's on the trendy side, so if you want something more traditional, I'd stay with the Alhambra stuff.

    Here's a picture of the ring, courtesy of Star3777:

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  4. :drool::drool: smurfet I luv your ring! I agree w/the other posters that the alhambra collection is a classic.I prefer the vintage collection though. I'm actually hoping that it will be a passing trend for some because I'm sick of seeing all these KO's! Guess did it for the onyx a few years ago. Heidi Klum's collection for Mouawad was ok and had some original designs on the clover motif but her QVC line is a total cheap KO of the alhambra line!:tdown: You can't go wrong w/anything from VCA.
  5. Love that ring smurfet! But you are right. I'm looking for something timeless. I live in a small suburb and two people I know already have the alhambra necklaces, so I wanted to get something a little different.
  6. This is one of my favorite pieces, it's by Simon G
  7. Does anyone know how much the long Alhambra necklaces usually cost?
  8. ^ They are around $4k.
    I personally would LOVE the VAC Cosmos pave flower ring for my tenth. In my VAC catalogue there are also a few beautiful butterflu pieces. I consider most everything VCA totally luxe, amazing and classic. You can't go wrong. It's exquisite!!
  9. Hi Everyone I just got a boatload of prices!
    The vintage alhambra bracelets are still $1950
    The vintage alhambra pendant is $1350
    The 10 motif necklace is $3900
    The Lucky Alhambra Bracelet is $2700!
    I just bought a beautiful diamonds by the yard 50-inch necklace that I can wrap around about three times...but now i have to decide on the VCA stuff! I also saw a gorgeous- but very small DIOR enamel butterfly necklace in bright blue- so cute! ARGH! Some problem, right?

  10. where did u see the dior enamel butterlfy necklace?? I love their enamel butterflies stuff. Is there pictures??

    TIA!! and also congratz to the anniversary =)
  11. It's from the Diorette collection. The necklace is not on the website yet, but a little ring is. If you put the ring on a chain, it's essentially the necklace.
  12. I saw that butterfly necklace at Dior too! Too cute! But I would get something from VCA for your anniversary and then get the Dior necklace later. :graucho: