10pm ET - NM - cancelling Lg Chocolate Tracy

  1. Girlz! I have an order "In Process" for a Lg Chocolate Tracy.
    I really bit off more than I could chew with this Chloe NM sale, so at 10pm Eastern Time I'm cancelling it.
    :graucho: Hopefully it will immediately resurface in the sale section, and one of you will get it
  2. This one's a beauty--I should know I own it :love:
  3. Cancelled just now. don't knnow how long it takes to resurface. sometimes it pops up immediately, but if you're willing - monitor the sale page for a bit

    Upd: 10:15 My order status changed from "cancellation pending" to "Cancelled" but the bag hasn't appeared yet
  4. Ascot went up Hurry

  5. Those NM and BG handbag sales were a killer especially on the pocket book. I couldn't (hell still can't) stop perusing those deals. I just wish they would yank those pages and let this all end.

    It's funny Uli I didn't see you at the university when I was talking my course on selling "why I need this new purse"? You're chatter sounds just like mine, down to the hubby and everything.

    It must have been tough to give up that Tracy......but we won't go there and more importantly I won't go there either!!:supacool:
  6. The bag seems to have perished into some dark hole!:sad: . I feel like a total idiot for alerting dozens of people
    Susieserb, I swear, my life in the last week has been totally overruled by NM chloe sale.
    ALL I WANTED was an Ivory Tracy or putty Edith. That's it! I would have walked away happy! But noooooo! Those two are like majic capricorns! - now -you see them, now - you don't!
    By now even in my dreams I am proceeding to "Quick Checkout" and fevereshly typing my CC security code
    as far as DH goes, I swear, by now I am ready bribe my FedEx guy to meet me somewhere on the side, so I can smuggle the purchases home later:p .
  7. I just returned (yesterday) and Ivory Tracy and a Chocolate Tracy. I ordered them both last week. They were both the same style, a satchel, and I wasn't overwhelmed with it, beautiful, just not my style. The chocolate Tracy was suppose to be the large, but when I received it, it was the medium--so they should be showing up within the next week.
  8. NM chloe sales are a bit frustrating, i thought i was fast enough to snag 1 bag but it was cancelled the next day