$10K Coach Bag

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  1. I saw this on my RSS feed this morning...as much as I love COACH, I agree...it doesn't look like it's worth that much!! If I were to ever spend that much, i want the WHOLE WORLD to know that it's $10K...gimme some bling and what not!!


  2. No kidding! I love the color, but for 10k it should be alot bigger and "blingier"!!!
  3. That is so pretty but 10K???!!!! Love the green though :drool:
  4. :drool:
  5. I wish they would do something similar in a croco print on leather so it would actually be affordable instead of the real croco(which I'm assuming it must be if its 10k).
  6. The green is beautiful, but this bag is really overpriced IMO
  7. Oh, that's a beautiful bag! I'd prefer it in something other than green, though.
  8. I don't think $10K when I look at that bag...it should have more to it!
  9. What a gorgeous color! I love it, but wow the price!!!!
  10. Jeez that does not look like anything great to me.... its a green bag, big deal.... for 10k I'd want the bag to reach out and smack someone and say hey look at me I spent 10k on a purse LOL!!
  11. It looks like a legacy slim flap with a fancy handle... for that price I could get a slim flap in every color and style and still have enough $ left over for a mortgage payment. :smile:
  12. that's a crazy price for a coach imo, you can get croc Nancy Gonzales way prettier for much cheaper.
  13. it sure doesn't look like a $10k purse. even the legacy satchel, the miranda, or the lily looks more expensive that this purse.
  14. :wtf: It's very pretty, but not $10K worth of pretty, imo.
  15. :wtf:For that price I could get a great little comuter car:roflmfao:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.