10630 and 10384

  1. Signature gallery tote, what is the difference between those two models ?

  2. [​IMG]

    This one is 10384 but I can't get 10630 to come up in the drilldown. Do you have a picture of it?
  3. what is drilldown ?
  4. 10630 may be a department store model if it's not in the drilldown. Sometimes they are almost exactly like the one's at Coach boutiques, but a tad bigger or smaller. I have 3 of 'em and they are not in the drilldown.
  5. figured it out, 10630 has leather not suede trim

    [​IMG] ARGH!
  6. Go for the leather trim. The suede is so pretty at the start but gets dirty real quick .
  7. but is the bag just as floppy and unstructured?

  8. Not so much. My friend and I have the choco w/suede trim. She has used hers for a year straight now and it still looks awsome. Both of ours are in super condition. I prefer suede:yes:
  9. i have the 10384 that my boyfriend got me last yr for christmas and i have used it off and on for the year and the suede on the bottom is pretty dirty. i dont know i pretty hard on my purses. i guess it just depends how you are with your purses. and also it is really floppy. i love the color but i do prefer my more structured coach purses over it.
  10. Well I will keep my eyes peeled for the 10384 in chocolate...
    I tend not to put my bags on the floor, and in the car they are beside me or on the seat.
    Also I think with the dark color I should be ok... the bag just looks so yummy I cant pass it by.
  11. Bumping... If anyone runs across this bag * 10384 in chocolate..* on eBay please let me know .. thanks

    [​IMG] BUT CHOCOLATE.. thanks