100usd FOR SHIPPING!!!!!

  1. Insane!
  2. what a hoot! thats a bit OTT!
  3. That is just crazy! I've seen ebayers sell items with a high shipping cost but $100 is way too much. :huh:
  4. Yeah, it's their way of sneaking in extra fees and pocketing the cash. Shameful people :sad:
  5. i know...and you ship in the US is 45.....holy smokes~
  6. I'm sorry but shipping with DHL and FedEx to some places does cost alot. The seller is obviously over charging but i can see how its possible.

    Shipping large items can cost up to £60 from the UK.
  7. wow overcharged! i know large items do cost a lot though...
  8. Whoa!
  9. Is the item heavy? That can very well be the extra cost + he is prob. going to insure it as well. And you have to add the packing costs too. I've had a pair of boots shipped to me from NY via Global Express and the price of the stamp on the box was US$56.00.
  10. The US shipping price doesn't seem too bad...how odd!
  11. really?? isnt us shipping like 20-40 bucks??
  12. Keep in mind that it is a rather large and heavy item. And the seller may be trying to recoup some of the ebay/paypal/packaging costs (which I understand). There's also insurance cost too. If I was the buyer, I wouldn't mind the $45 if it meant I could safely and quickly get my $1000+ runway bag/luggage.
  13. There is no way that for shipping to Canada it would be $100.00.
    They are definately pocketing some cash!
  14. and yet people still are bidding.Yikes!:shocked: