100th Anniversary Neiman Marcus scarves- UPDATED WITH PIC!!!!

  1. Scarfies, I was at NM yesterday and the scarf associate said they will be getting special Hermes scarves to commemorate their 100th anniversary. Several wonderful colorways including fuschia and black, will have a horse on it and will say 1907 - 2007. She said they will be getting pictures any day now...this may have been discussed in one of the scarf threads, but I thought I'd mention it...
  2. oh wow nice! I can't wait to see them! will you be posting pics?
  3. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. gosh...when I was younger I had like every beanie baby you could imagine...now I am like on a scarf crazy collecting binge.

    I tell you. scarves are more fun than beanie babies
  5. wow..thats really exciting!!
  6. Thanks so much for the info.
  7. I heard that from my SA also but haven't seen pic. However, I did get on the list just in case ...

    BTW, many other high end designers will be doing NM-exclusive 100th anniversary pieces.
  8. Thank you for the info!
  9. oo:huh:hhh. . . how nice.
  10. ooh, if it's anywhere near as pretty as their anniversary shopping bags, i have to have one!
  11. I know I love those shopping bags!
  12. thanks for the head's up.. would love to see the pics of the scarves..
  13. Thanks for letting us know!! I just called my SA at NM, and my SA will let me see the pics of print tomorrow!!
  14. oooh exciting! maybe when I'm 100 they'll issue a scarf just for me....
  15. My SA contacted me, and will be sending me pics this Thursday! I will post them as soon as I get them!