1000th Post and a Poll...


Pick Stylefly's next b-bag!

  1. Aquamarine Work with GH (is it heavy?)

  2. Aquamarine Work with RH

  3. Bleu Glacier Work with GH

  4. Bleu Glacier Work with RH

  5. Anthracite Work with RH

  6. Anthracity (credit HighGlossFinish ;-) ) with RH

  7. Bleu Glacier City with RH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So it only took me a year to get here:lol:
    When my ban is up in May, I want a new bag. Duh. Of course this is predicated on being able to sell some stuff so we're just dreaming for now.
    I have:
    -Rouge Vif City
    -Truffle City (not for long, I hope, as it's intended to be traded in for new model)
    -black City
    -pumpkin First
    -Black Flat Brass First
    -Teal Mini-classique
    -Caramel '05 Day

    I love the City and it fits all of my stuff but I think I need a Work. I'm 5'5" on a good day (okay, 5'4":shame: ). I carry all of my crap with me everywhere. Blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy little Heidi cheeks, 135 pounds with exact hourglass shape.
    (I was inspired by BagPunk's body shape theory so I'm including those details).
    So...I need a bag that I won't be tempted to dump after a few months because it actually serves my needs and the colour and style work year-round. Please help...I've never been so indecisive! Being on a ban is hard, you actually have to THINK and PLAN:hysteric:
  2. what about a work in marine or bleu glacier?
  3. I have Bleu Glacier Work as a poll option:yes: ..I want something that will look good and not too big as I'm not that big myself, so I'm not sure if a lighter or darker colour is the way to go. I'm almost at the point of taking a photo of me and Photoshopping bags on to it because I can't try any on here (Holt's always has the WORST selection):rolleyes:
  4. I voted Bleu Glacier City with RH :smile:
  5. Congrats on hitting 1000, stylefly!! :yahoo:
    I voted for the anthracite work w/RH. I think it would look fabulous on you!! :yes:
  6. I voted for the anthracite city. The color is very different that what you currently have in your collection and it's the same style that I have ordered, so I'm a bit biased. :graucho:
  7. I voted Anthracite Work with RH. If not that then go for the Anthracite City.
  8. i voted for anthracite work w/ RH!
  9. aquamarine work with RH
  10. well, since you have blacks, I am eliminating anthracity for your dark bag
    since you have teal, I am eliminating aqua
    so I will say bleu glacier
    I am a broken record about this, I saw it with GH and it was SO BEAUTIFUL
    if I can't have it, maybe you can!
  11. mmm... based on pure preference of a style/look - I think aquamarine work with GH would look great!

    But I'm not really sure it's befitting of our Canadian winter...

    I know this isn't on your list.. but then I'd consider a marine work with GH...
  12. CONGRATS on your 1000th post stylefly :yahoo: :flowers: !!!!

    I voted for the Aquamarine Work with RH - I think this would be a great and colorful addition to your beautiful collection (IMO) :yes: ;)
  13. anthracite work!
  14. I voted Aquamarine Work with RH. Punchy enough to be a stunner, but without the added heaviness of the GH...
  15. Congrats on your 1000th post!

    I voted Anthracity, but think the Anthracite Work would be stunning too.

    I wish you well,