1000th post and a new cles!!!

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  1. hello pfers!!!!:heart:

    just got back from LV and bought a new cles, in damier!!!!!

    here are pics with my favorite bag of the moment - my damier speedy 30 with jack & lucie:love:

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  2. The cles is so cute in damier.
  3. Love the cles and the speedy! Your charms are soooo cute!
    Congrats on #1000!
  4. i love them all congrats!
    i can't wait to get my jack & lucie...
  5. Cute! What a nice treat :yes:
  6. Looks so cool with the Jack and Lucie!:nuts:
  7. Congrats. The speedy and cles are very cute together.
  8. very nice congrats :biggrin:
  9. Cute! I have the same one hanging from my Mono speedy!

  10. thanks PFers!!! :love:

    was actually torn between the damier and the damier azur, but really loved this one........
  11. That's very cute....congrats on your cles and posts..keep on posting!!!
  12. Congrats, 1000th!

    Congrats, Damier Speedy!

    Congrats, Damier Cles!


    Everything is beautiful...:yes:
  13. oooh pretty cles!! I think you made the right choice getting the damier and not azur only cuz then you don't have to worry about it gettig dirty and such.
  14. Hot cles- I love it in Damier!
  15. Congrats!:yahoo: