$1000... what would you buy at louis?

  1. if you just had a money tree that made you a 1000 dollar what would you buy at lv? i have that budget and i have some things i mind but i would like to see what you guys would buy

  2. I'd like the vernis bedford or reade & a wallet!!!! I hope it's my next purchase, and I hope it's not too far away!!!!
  3. i would save up another $400 and get an epi passy gm!
  4. I would save up a few more hundreds and get me a MC speedy :love:
  5. I want this maybe later this summer:

  6. I agree with colleenco, but I'd love to have the green one :amuse:
  7. Keepall in mono or the new Damier!
  8. Red Epi St. Jacques
  9. i'd save up another $600 and get the Cabas Piano and Damier Speedy at the same time. woo hoo!
  10. I 'd buy any bag epi line.... love that line...
  11. definitely getting the Epi Jasmine in Mandarin:love:
  12. Save up a bit more for the Vernis Houston or Manhattan GM or if I don't save more, I'd get a mono Alma or Pap 30 and keep the change.
  13. mono keepall 50 or a new wallet and a framboise vernis cles. i really need a both a new wallet and some new luggage so it would be a tough choice (although they probably don't HAVE to be LV hehe). so really i'd probably save up a couple hundred more and get all three. :smile:
  14. I've been thinking about a Damier Alma (have nothing in this line). Eluxury showcased it in their new catalog, and I think it's beautiful. I also love the Denim pm in green that Colleen mentioned.
  15. I'd probably get the Damier Illovo MM, and a Mono Wapity.
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