1000 Ways To Die.

  1. Cool show.
  2. i caught a couple minutes of this last night and was like, wth?? i saw the one where the girl whose parachute wouldn't open when she was skydiving and she landed on her face.
  3. I think this show is probably better suited to viewers who are neither prone to anxiety, worrying, nervousness nor burdened with belief in superstition nor a vivid imagination.
  4. I watch this show all the time. Did anyone see the alcohol enema episode?
  5. This show is like a trainwreck for me... I really don't want to like it (and I don't *think* I do), yet I HAVE to stop and watch it every time I see it :lol:
  6. I got so much anxiety watching that part. I thought she was going to die.
  7. I know what you mean. At times I'm like "ahhhhhhhhhhh change it change it, but then I'm like noooo leave it I want to know what happens" I cringe at so many parts. But I like the science of it.
  8. For some reason your response made me laugh .. I think it's because you italicized face. I like this show though, maybe because things like that make me laugh. I have no soul!