1000 posts and I got something!

  1. I kinda wanted to save my 1000th post for something special and what a coincidence, I got something special in the mail today. The Legacy Stripe Framed Coin Purse Wristlet! :nuts:

    I started lusting after it when i joined tpf . . . now i have it (after calling CS back in March and backordering it). :yes:

  2. Congrats on your 1000'th post and new purchase!

    I got mine back in Feb. and love mine!
  3. I love it!
  4. I love little framed cutie so much!!!!! And congrats on your 1000th post!!!
  5. Very nice! Congrats!
  6. Cute!! Congrats!!
  7. It is precious! Legacy stripes are so pretty, enjoy and congrats on your posts!! :smile:
  8. Congrats on both. That coin purse is too cute!
  9. it's cute, congrats!!
  10. can I ask how much?

    it is so cute!!!!
  11. It's cute congrats
  12. Congrats and congrats! A beautiful way to celebrate!
  13. Very cute!!! Congrats!!!!!
  14. Congrats on both! :yahoo:

    Congrats on the milestone!

    My legacy coin purse will be here tomorrow too! :smile: