$1000 of MAC Cosmetics

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  1. I figured the womens could use cosmetic items in their room - looks like a good deal http://www.yesitisfree.com/index.php?id=macc5 Seems worthwhile if they will actually ship cosmetic item - anyone else done this before?
  2. if it sounds to good to be true it usually is...nothing is free.
  3. just checked it out. you have to complete 6 consumer reports/surveys. i think like test products or something.

    The offer does sound a little too good to be true but i'm mainly not signing up cos i'm worried about getting spamed by promotional mail and email. i get too much of that in the first place!!

    but it's worth a try if you're willing to deal with that!
  4. Before you do things like that make sure you google it or check it out and see what the fine print is. Sometimes you have to spend money to get it if you know what i mean.... sometimes its worth the hassle but sometimes it can be a huge scam that never works out...
  5. Yep have to say smells fishy to me...
  6. oh G-d not another one of these things. They had one like this with a LV purse two years ago. SIgn up for our offers, donate an organ and we'll 'give you free stuff'
  7. tempting...but looks a bit dodgy to me.
  8. I wouldn't sign up!
  9. if it sounds too good to be true it usually is
  10. So which organ did you donate in return for which LV bag?


  11. I remember the LV ones. Also, you have to get other people to sign up for them to be successful. I am not accusing anyone of anything, but maybe the thread starter had that in mind to get their free goodies? I apologize if that is not the case. I am just a big skeptic with these sorts of things.
  12. Usually these things are a neverending chain of scams to get you to buy other things. They start off with: just fill out this form and enter your email address. Then it is: choose 5 of these great offers. Then each "great offer" makes you sign up separately and then pay some minor fee. Then they ask you to send these offers to 10 of your friends. Then if all 10 of your friends also sign up for the "great offers", you might get your makeup! It is an awful lot to put up with...even to get MAC makeup!