1000 budget and both work and weekend, which bag

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  1. I am buying a bag now, the budget is 1000 us dollars or around. I am eyeing Demier Alma or Tivoli PM, please advice me which one to buy. Thank you very much
  2. I prefer Tivoli over Alma.
  3. Same here Tivoli too over Alma.
  4. Agreed. Given only those two choices, I prefer the Tivoli.
  5. Alma!
  6. Probably the Tivoli. I prefer the alma in epi or vernis.
  7. Tivoli!
  8. Tivoli !
  9. Tivoli, so cute!!
  10. Tivoli. I like the GM better than the PM though, I like the adjustable straps.
  11. Galliera PM ~ both Demier Alma or Tivoli PM a little small for work.

    However, between your favorite two, my vote goes to Tivoli PM.
  12. Hmm I like both...I guess I like the tivoli pm better.
  13. Buying pre-loved might increase your options, but of the two you listed the Tivoli is more versatile (just imo). Something about the Damier Alma says "work bag" to me.
  14. tivoli for sure! :smile:
  15. Tivoli!