1000, about time!

  1. Hi! I finally hit 1000 :biggrin:
    Just want to say that absolutely love this forum, and that Im not really an internet person, but Purseforum is something allright! :yes: This is such a lovely forum with so many great people! :heart:
  2. :party: Congratulations!! :party:
  3. Congratulations, ruusu! Absolutely agree with you, here's to the next 1000:drinkup:
  4. Hurray!!! Congrats!!:party: :party:
  5. Yay Congatulations.
  6. Were happy to have you ! congratulations !!
  7. Congrats!
  8. yay congrats ......
  9. Congratulations!
  10. You are so right! I'm not an internet person either, but this forum feels like a second home.

    Congratulations on your first 1000! Enjoy the next 1000, and the next, and..... :flowers:
  11. Congrats!!
  12. Congrats!