$100 shoes gift card from NM, you received it?

  1. Hi everyone, I am just wondering if you have received your 100$ shoes gift card from previous sale event? I remember they will send out you coupon through mail in mid-Nov, I am not sure if I missed it?:confused1: Talked to a live chat rep just now, she said they sent it out already...any one knows?
  2. I never heard of this. Do you mean that if you participated in a previous sale event, you'll receive a $100 shoe gift card?? Or is this something for NM card holders?
  3. No..this event was a while ago...if you purchased any contemporary designer clothing(I can't really recall...I got a dress myself)more than certain amount, you will receive $100 shoe gift card(I remember it will send out through email around Nov). If anyone can make this clearer?
  4. I did not get mine.
  5. I received mine on September 27, 2007. The email ad. said:

    FREE $100 GIFT CARD + Free Shipping with your $300 purchase TODAY!
  6. I have not received mine either, still waiting
  7. I got mine at the store and it had to be used in 3 days or it expired
  8. Same here i purchased in the store and had to buy within the 3 days or it expired. But I thought I remembered that if you made the purchase online the $100 off applied to a future purchase. Maybe that's what you are looking for.
  9. Yeah...cuz I don't live in states, and knew you would need to make your purchase in next few days from the day you make your purchase...so I ended up to do it online. I want to use that gift card to purchase my very first Christian Louboutin...so don't want to miss out.:wlae:
  10. I have not received mine either. But I do remember that the info online was along the lines of it would be shipped either the 12th or the 15th - can't remember which. So I haven't really been expecting it yet.