$100 rebate on XBOX 360, both premium and core systems

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  1. Get him that Xbox! The rebate will bring the premium system down to $299+tax and core system to $199+tax.

    Promotion from Micro Center, only available in stores. To find out their store locations, visit Micro Center Online - the center of .computer shopping.

    I can confirm the deal is valid. I just got one this morning.
  2. do you get the rebate instantly? or do you have to mail something in?
  3. Oh sorry, yes it was a mail-in rebate. They just require you fill out the form and cut the UPC from the box.
  4. thanks!
  5. Thanks! I am getting my son one for Hannukah!
  6. Ahh I just bought on of these for the boyfriend this afternoon! Too bad we dont have any of those stores here :sad:
  7. what is the difference between the premium and core systems??
  8. Premium:
    Console with Premium Chrome Finish
    Hard Drive
    Wireless Controller
    Xbox Live Headset
    Component HD AV Cable
    Ethernet Cable

    Wired Controller
    Composite AV Cable
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