100% Rayon - Handwash or Dry Clean

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  1. I know there was a thread about how people wash their cashmere. I wanted to know how everyone washes their 100% rayon garments. Handwash? Dry clean? Other, if so describe?

  2. Hand wash with woolite unless it is a color that will likely bleed like black or red. It really depends on the garment.
  3. anyone else with suggestions....

    i have a dress that is 100% rayon and it says DRY CLEAN ONLY.

    has anyone tried otherwise?? like hand washing with woolite??

  4. I handwash rayon and silk. No accidents so far, woolite (just a bit) mix with cold water works for me.
  5. From Ehow

    From another site

  6. My washing machine doesn't have an agitator sticking up in the middle. I've wondered if I can use its hand wash setting on rayon clothing since there is no agitator. But, I'm scared of ruining it. Maybe I'll try it on an older, cheaper piece so if something goes wrong, I won't feel awful. I hate dry cleaning my clothes, all those nasty chemicals!
  7. I once handwashed a 100% rayon shirt in cold water with Woolite and hung it to dry. It shrunk so terribly that I could no longer wear it. Ever since then I've been overly cautious and only dry-cleaned 100% rayon items. I hate the chemicals, too, so I generally try not to buy rayon unless the item is a must-have.
  8. DRY CLEAN!!!! often the manufacturers don't wash the material before they sew it together and it will SHRINK!!!
    don't take the chance unless you can afford for it to shrink a bit
  9. Damn I just recently bought a 100% rayon tank top. I'm scared to even put it near water after reading what Hautemama said.
  10. Weird! I have a cheap rayon top from Guess and I stuck it in one of the lingerie mesh bags and put it in the washer with the rest of my colors. Laid flat to dry and it came out perfect. I wouldn't do it for rayon I care about though
  11. I dry clean my rayon items now. I had handwashed one of my rayon tops and the color came out and left a nasty streak.
  12. I use the hand wash feature on my washing machine. I just put it on hand wash. Water cold, and I drip dry it.
  13. Welp kiddo, I just washed some clothes that said dry clean only on them. One of them was a dress that I absolutely love that says 100% Rayon and the other one is a fine cotton mixed with something else. It says to wash that one on hand only. I put them both in the machine ( I have the front load washers) and put it on the hand washable cycle, used Woolite for them and then hung them out. NO ISSUES so far. This was my third time washing the Navy dress. The other dress is a print dress with white and other colors in it. So far so good like I said. I will come back and let you know after they dry. I am wearing one of them @ 3 and the other one tonight. I live in Houston,TX so you know it is hot as a son of a gun out here!:graucho:
  14. I bought a rayon top today. It says dry clean only but I''m tempted to wash on gently and lay flat to dry. How did yours come out Randa?
  15. I put my rayon in the washer on the ultra delicate (handwash) cycle and have never had any issues. The key is to reshape the garment and lay it flat to dry.