$100 off at Botkier - Good 'til Oct 15th.

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  1. I got a lovely coupon if my email inbox today - at www.botkier.com you get $100 dollars off the new fall bags (which are gorgeous, especially the Emily!)

    Coupon Code: Twilight.

    I truly love Botkier, the quality of the leather is amazing and they are so practical with all the compartments and the key holder. I'll probably end up getting the Emily in Toffee, because I have no self-restraint.

    Just a heads up, though, for you ladies, I have the Crescent Mix - and even though the bag is quite wide, it is very very slim. If you like to carry a lot of stuff (which I do), it's not the bag for you.

    You know you want it.
  2. great stuff, thanks for pointing that one out! :cool:
  3. Great find!
  4. Wow! Props to you for finding this Chemlex!!!!
  5. I hv not seen the real Botkier bags. Are they heavy??
  6. I like Botkier's designs :smile:
  7. Thank you very much, for the coupon! Now go to go shopping!
  8. They are pretty big bags, and they have a lot of high quality hardware on them.

    If you don't want a heavy bag - the lightest one is probably the Crescent.
  9. Awww why u show me that ............I can never save no money : )

    making a plan for someone to get it for me
  10. I forgot to mention - No Sales Tax on these bags!!!!! (unless you live in New York, in which case I'm sorry)

    That's an additional 8% of savings if you live in CA (like me), and they have a much better selection than the other places that sell Botkier on line (eluxury, neiman marcus, BG's)
  11. Thank you Chemlex and it was very generous of you to share!
  12. I thought I would bump this up because there is only 12 more days left.

    Remember, there is a better selection, and no sales tax for most states (sorry New York).
  13. I wish there were a Botkier I liked :sad: Good find once again.
  14. Thanks for giving us that coupon code Chemlex!
    Too bad I totally want the Bianca - but in Denim and its sold out - I doubt they will have any in by the time the coupon expires.

    Arrg I want that bag in that colour! Does anyone know any stores online that sells them? I looked everywhere around my area with no luck, not even ebay!
  15. Pretty Botkier emily on ebay !