100% Natural Baby Skincare?

  1. I really wasn't sure if I should put this in Beauty Bar or here but I thought that it would really fit in here more. But if I'm wrong, please feel free to move it.

    Has anyone got an personal recommendations for a 100% natural, no nasty synthetic/chemical toilettries range for a baby?

    I have been looking at Burts Bees but they are only around 95% natural. I really don't want to put chemicals on my baby for as long as humanly possible. I'm not even using soap or shampoo, just good old clean water! & I plan on using natural remedies like olive oil for a moisturiser etc but I know there will come a time when I need some extra 'bits'.

    I'm in the UK so it would have to be a brand that is fairly easy for me to get.

    Any recommendations gratefully received!


    ooooooooh! & if any one has got any fabby tips for natural baby care/health meds pleae feel free to share those too!
  2. As for homeopathic health care, i love the Hyland products. I used and swore by their colic tablets (not for chronic colic btw but more textbook...like that 6-9pm time frame fussiness) and their teething tablets. Love both those products.
    I'll get back to you on toiletries...I've searched and ordered...but can't remember my results.
  3. http://allnaturalbaby.com/Shop/baby-natural-skin-care-product.asp
    http://www.baby-place.com/natural_products.php (this site has a list of several companies...I haven't looked it over well though)

    Here are a few...I can't find the one product I bought a lot and used a year or so ago. If I find it, I'll post. I'm going to try the last link for my dd as she has very sensitve skin and spots of eczema.
  4. For soap, look into Kirks. It's all natural.

    Also, while I do agree all natural is the way to go most of the time, sometimes you have to resort to manmade/synthetic products. Just make sure you're not sacrificing the well being of your baby for the sake of being natural.
  5. wow, thanks guys! I'll start looking into those right now!

    Charles, I know! I would never do that, but I also don't ant to smother my fresh new baby in chemicals as soon as its born, so although I know I won't be able to avoid chemicals forever, I'd still like to put it off for as long as poss.

    thanks guys! what would I do without you all? :flowers:
  6. Princess...I have to admit though...there is nothing better...than that pink bottle of baby lotion (chalk for of chems I'm sure) that smellsssss sooooo good! Babylicious...yum mae!!
  7. Good! I want to be as natural as possible, but sometimes, you have to breakdown and buy synthetics.

    Also, for diaper rash, Smith's Rosebud Salve. I'm almost positive that's all natural.
  8. The BEST bar none...diaper rash ointment I've ever used is Dr. Smith's butt cream. I don't know if it's natural. My kids only got d.r. when they were teething, then it almost blistered. This is a miracle cream...and when they're in pain and sobbing cuz it hurts so bad...you'll use anything to make them feel better! (My pharm. actually reccommended it to me)
  9. Check this one out. I've been using it and it smells soooo good! It's also a celeb fave. I smells like coconut and baby lotion!
  10. Whoops, here's the link:
  11. Arbonne International has a natural baby care line called ABC Baby Care. I purchased the whole lot for a friend of mine who had a baby boy, and he said the stuff is Great!
  12. i bought stuffs from green baby as it's just down the road from where our london flat is:smile:
    they've a website though www.greenbaby.co.uk
  13. Definitely agree with Charles about Kirks.

    Here's a link that I had booked into my favorites. I tried to go the all natural route with Julia when she first came, but it was entirely too difficult for me to do everything naturally, so I just broke down and bought the things that were as gentle as possible on her skin and contained as few chemicals as possible.

  14. California Baby is my favorite.