$100 limit for V - day gift....

  1. I am in need of help. I can choose something up to $100 for my Valentine's day gift, and I am so clueless as to what to get b/c everything I want is more than that...:s

    FYI...we decided this year to put a cap on how much we spend on each other, thus the $100 limit.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I don't know what your into...but if its a bag you want what if you save it for the next time a gift comes so it can accumulate to more? BTW thats a great idea of putting a limit on stuff. I should introduce that idea to my fiance.
  3. is the gift for a male or female?
  4. the gift if for me from my bf..

    I love purses, shoes, or any type of accessories...
  5. ooo, ok.. since $100 is prolly too low for a bag, how about a nice spa basket, or a day of pampering like mani/pedi, facial, waxing of any kind.. lol

    or you can get a gift card for clothes??
  6. Would you like to add a little more of your 'own' money and buy something you would really like?
  7. what about getting a spa day? or you can something really cute at tiffany's like a key chain or something small? if there really isnt anything you like, then you should save the $100 for a future bag =)
  8. You said you liked shoes...you can get some fun shoes for 100.00 or under!
  9. I would use it towards a bag.
  10. Spa Treatment!
  11. Thanks you guys!!!! I gave him two options, the first being a spa treatment which I so desperately need, or the second, to get a cute pair of shoes if I see something I like.
  12. $90 on racy underwear
    $3 on chocolate sauce
    $3 on baby-wipes
    $4 leftover!


  13. LOL...I think I now have 3 options for him...thanks :graucho:
  14. Oh ! hmm.. nice dinner ? :graucho: you can both share !
  15. I'm def. w/ Cal on this one!!!! :biggrin: lol