100 Kudo's for the one that can name this bag!

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  1. Damn! This is embarassing! I have been so stuck up my butt with Hermes that I have forgotten where my roots started!

    Forgive me LV fans, please. I am helpless!

    So, can anyone tell me what's the name if this bag and what line does it come from? :shame: Damn shame! I used to know everything there was to know about LV, now I'm back at square one, damn shame!
  2. I think it's Monogram Mini Cruise Trapeze PM Rose
    Check the visual aid, yeuxhonnetes posted hers yesterday.. hope this help :smile:
  3. Is it called the Trapeze PM?
    I've seen it in rose - it's from the Cruise collection.
  4. monogram mini trapeze? not sure, sorry bagg
  5. It's all comming back to me now!!!!!! :yahoo: You are completely right!!! you get the 100 kudos!
  6. I'm just guessing on that - there's one on eBay right not that looks like it.
  7. Do we all get the kudos or do we have to share?? I want all 100 for MYSELF;) :wlae:
  8. you get 100 for yourself! Felisha get's another 100! Thank you so much, I was beating my head with this one, I knew it was at the tip of my brain, it almost fell off!
  9. Yay =)
  10. Pretty bag!
  11. That is actually the Mino Monogram Trapeze PM in Grey from the Cruise collection.
  12. Yes, it's gray.. a very pretty light gray.
  13. I think this issue should be resolved via PM between seller and buyer. I am sure it will turn out to be fine.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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