$100 dollars for shipping!! Just a tad bit Steep??

  1. I know the other day one of our purse gals posted up an outrageous shipping amount for a bag on eBay.. as I was online looking for a new perfo musette. Look at what a gold mine I found http://cgi.eBay.com/LOUIS-VUITTON-PERFORATED-MUSETTE-MONOGRAM-2006-SUMMER_W0QQitemZ6880552863QQcategoryZ63852QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem:biggrin:.
    $100!!!! Its not even AUTHENTIC!!!:sick::mad:Or is it????:graucho:
  2. sorry, can't see the auction, but is that overseas shipping? or within the US? I recently sent an epi gemeaux bag from UK to the US and it cost me £42 including insurance... so if you convert to US $, it's not far from 100bucks..it did put a lot of buyers off, but not like i had a choice, fortunately, the postage price was stated on the parcel, so the buyer knew i was not cheating her... and she was really pleased with the bag... i guess $100 for shipping within US is pretty $$$$ but not unreasonable for overseas shipping...
  3. Alot of eBay sellers make their money on shipping. It sucks, but sometimes there is no way around that stupid shipping charge.
  4. The other day I was going to buy a pair of jeans on eBay and the shipping to Canada was US$55.00!!!:amazed: :rant: WTH?! The shipping cost was MORE THAN JEANS!!!:shocked:
  5. I cant see it either. I forgot where its was shipped from. Must have been reported. oh wells. I hear that lots of ebay sellers make the money on the shipping because ebay only charges their commission based on the sale not shipping. Anyone know for sure?
  6. The time I bid on items - is when I know the shipping charge is not going to go up. I usually tend to ask questions, even if that shipping estimation is there - and if it says US and Canada is the same, I tend to ask questions. I'm always afraid someone is going to charge me more.
  7. Remember, you can report items with outrageous shipping costs to eBay for fee avoidance ! :smile:
  8. Whenever I sell on eBay, I usually end up losing money on shipping because I never charge for handling. Oh well.

    $100 is steep, though, unless the seller is planning on wrapping the item in gold.
  9. I usually report sellers with pathetically expensive shipping charges. They just do it to avoid 1- the higher listing fee and 2- the final value fee since shipping doesn't count in that fee. They do it but it's not legal.
  10. I learned that the hard way, and now I add $5-$10 for handling charges. I feel bad about it, but I was losing a lot of $$ on it before because I always underestimate.

    $100 is insane!!:wtf:
  11. Is that because ebay doesnt charge then for the shipping only on the price their item sells for?