£100 discount vouchers - has anyone used one?

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  1. When I purchased my fuschia antiqued mabel in December I was automatically eligilble for a £100 discount voucher which is valid until the end of March.

    I just wondered if anyone else was eligible for this and has anyone used this voucher?

    It does say that is cannot be used on sale or reduced items but I can't see anything about a minimum spend.

    I'm certainly not going to be in a position to buy a full price bag before end of March so I'm really not sure what to do with it.
  2. If you aren't going to use it - what about putting itup for auction on ebay? There could be someone out there who is looking to buy a bag full price and will give you something for it (obviously less than the face value but better than eventually putting it in the bin when it expires!). If you look - loads of vouchers are often up for sale.

    Just a suggestion
  3. Thanks ^^, that is definately worth a consideration.

    I've been trying to call the store to see if there is a minimum spend but can't get through.
  4. I had two £25 vouchers from a promotion, again valid until end March. I used both of them last week in one transaction. Presuming your £100 voucher is similar to the £25 ones, then there was no minimum spend, just the other terms you mentioned.
  5. Hopefully there's no minimum spend - you could treat yourself to a keyring or a Mitzy zip pouch :heart:
  6. Thanks Jazzy, I have been trying to call Mulberry all day. If there is no minimum spend then perhaps I can buy myself a keyring or something smaller like that.

  7. lol, great minds think alike at the same time
  8. ^^ I think you may have had to spend over 350 GBP.
  9. Have you managed to find out for definite Tiree:?:
  10. Just found out....NO MINIMUM SPEND.

    Sadly I can't see me using it though as Mulberry is quite far away from where I stay and have also spend toooo much ££ on other things.

    I would ebay it but it needs to be accompanied by my original receipt and I wouldn't trust just any old ebayer with that.
  11. Oh that's really gutting if it goes to waste :tdown: Can you not use it over the phone? Post it off to one of the stores and they can send you your original reciept back with a keyring or something?

    ETA for £50 or whatever it is you'd get from eBay, I'd sell the original receipt :lol:
  12. lol, I will probably sell fuschia mabel on at some point to really need to keep her receipt.
  13. ^^^ Oh no! Are you not getting on well with the mabel tiree?
  14. ^^ it's not that, I just like to keep my option open. I know I will sell her at some point and prefer to sell bag with their receipts.

    I've just bought a purple-ish Chloe Saskia and it can be worn with the same outfits are my Mabel so not sure what I'll do.
  15. £100 of Mulberry going to waste though????!! :faint: