$100 discount on XLarge YSL Muse!

  1. Ok, so I called Bergdorf Goodman about this already, but they did not listen (the guy said he would fill out report, but the problem is still there). I am writing them a letter to include with my return as well. But this is the scoop: There is an error on their website and they are charging the price for the Large Muse, and have a picture of the Large Muse but the dimensions are the XL, and they are sending out the XL! I called about getting this fixed, and the guy said, "Well that's just a small problem." And I said, "Multiply that small problem by one thousand people and you have a $100,000.00 problem."

    Neiman Marcus doing it right:
    Neiman Marcus Online *-*Yves Saint Laurent*-*Muse Leather Satchel
    Bergdorf Goodman messing up:
    Bergdorf Goodman Online *-*Yves Saint Laurent*-*Muse Leather Bag

    Anyway, heads up on the error.
  2. ^^^ You're right. For months on the major web sites--Neimans, Saks, Bergdorfs--I've noticed that when they post the different YSL Muses, they occassionally mix up the descriptions/pictures/dimensions/prices. For instance, they show a Large Muse but quote the Oversize price, or vice-versa, or they'll call it one thing and its another. Lord knows what they actually ship out!

    So, if you have to order online, be careful to make sure you get what you really want!!!
  3. thanks for posting this!
  4. i noticed that as well.
  5. For the same price, I would suggest getting the Muse from a YSL store. That way you know what you are getting. I ordered one and actually saved $90 in sales tax and $9 in shipping by buying from the YSL store in NYC.
  6. Good thread!
  7. I must of got the last choc muse at NM. Cause it's not posted anymore,right after I ordered I called NM today and they said they didn't have anymore large choc muse. Wow, glad you caught that, Bergdorf should be glad as well.